Defender of Liberty Awards

Individuals and Organizations who have done outstanding work in promoting the cause of Liberty in SW Ohio will be recognized at an event in December.




Awards will be presented at the COAST Christmas Party  Monday, December 16th at DeSha's in Montgomery, 11320 Montgomery Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45249.  Happy Hour 5:30  Awards at 7PM


Tom Brinkman:

Founder of  COAST  An organization that helps to limit the rate of taxes and spending at the federal, state, and local level.

Helping to stop the abuse of power by government officials, Brinkman is a former member of the Ohio House of Representatives from Cincinnati.

George Brunemann:

Mr. Brunemann has an amazing list of accomplishments. He and his wife Nancy co-founded the SouthWest Cincinnati Tea Party, consistently packing The Farm with the largest Tea Party meetings in SW Ohio like the recent meeting featuring State Treasurer Josh Mandel and Congressman Steve Chabot. He was  also a 2013 candidate for Oak Hills School Board.  

Jim Berns:

One of Cincinnati's longest active campaigners for liberty, Jim has run for office on a libertarian platform 15 times beginnning by running for City Council in 1983 and most recently for Mayor of Cincinnati in 2013.

Tim Dornbush:

Owner of Proper Plumbing & Electrical LLC, Candidate for Cincinnati City Council 2013

Tim feels its time to cut the wasteful spending and rebuild our city neighborhoods..

Mayor John Cranley:

Some may think it a bit unusual to nominate a liberal Democrat as a Defender of Liberty but, credit where credit is due. Mayor Cranley presented a clear choice to Cincinnati voters with his opposition to the Street Car and Parking Meter Lease, while Roxanne Qualls supported those issues. True to his campaign promises, he has taken action to stop both proposals.

Chris Finney:               

Constitutional Litigator Extraordinaire.  

Shareholder at the Law firm of

Finney, Stagnaro, Saba & Patterson Co., L.P.A


Libertarian Girl:

Grass roots activist, who promotes the cause of liberty using social media.


Chris Littleton:

Former President of the Cincinnati Tea Party, and Co-founder and former President of the Ohio Liberty Council. Chris helped lead an Ohio statewide ballot initiative for a “Healthcare Freedom Amendment” to Ohio’s Constitution which addressed healthcare mandates. Placed on the November 2011 ballot by gathering 546K signatures across all 88 Ohio counties and becoming the largest volunteer signature gathering effort in Ohio history – the Ohio Healthcare Freedom amendment (Issue 3) won 66% of the statewide vote including every Ohio County, giving it the largest margin of victory for any citizen’s initiative in Ohio history. (Information taken from American Action Majority home page

Chris Monzel:

nominated for derailing the City of Cincinnati Irresponsible Bidder Ordinance.

Council member Chris Seelbach introduced the ordinance to City Council and County Commissioner Chris Monzel shut him down! 


There is no more valuable contribution a person can make to the cause of Liberty than to run for office, win, and then follow the principles of Limited Government, Fiscal Responsibility and Free Markets!

Howard Rahtz:

Author of Drug, Crime and Violence: From Trafficking to Treatment.  He is a former Cincinnati police officer (retiring at the rank of Police Captain) with a dual background in drug treatment and drug interdiction. He lives in College Hill and speaks throughout the country on behalf of the national office of 

LEAP, Law Enforcement Against Prohibition.

Jim Schifrin:

Publisher of The Whistleblower for 23 years, has distributed, first by hand delivery, then by fax, and now by e-mail and web site, a satirical informative free daily newsletter about local and national political figures and issues.

Christopher Smitherman:

Cincinnati city council member who has helped bring attention to many

issues of Liberty, most recently a strong Opponent of the patking lesse plan.

Brian Thomas:

55KRC morning radio talk show personality, has been a huge proponent for the cause of liberty by having liberty minded guests on his show to talk about the issues of the day.

Nita Thomas:

Founder of EmpowerU the next step for the Informed citizen.

Providing free education courses.  Educate*Enjoy*Engage!


Roshal Wanigasooriya:

Former Vice President of U.C. Young Americans for Liberty. U.C. Y.A.L. sent chapter members to several national and regional conferences. In October 2012, the chapter hosted Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson, bringing in close to 500 people. 


In August 2012, UC YAL successfully sued the University of Cincinnati over their free speech policy. The groundbreaking case of Chris Morbitzer v. U.C. received national attention and media coverage. Now students and student organizations aren't limited to a free speech zone, and have first amendment rights all over U.C.'s campus.

Mike Wilson:

Has played a key role in the Liberty Movement in Southwest Ohio.  On March 15, 2009  Mike Wilson and a band of "ragtag" local activist organized a Fountain Square rally and the Cincinnati Tea Party  was born.


Since then Mike has run twice for State Representative in the Ohio 28th State House district, narrowly missing election in 2010. With Connie Pillich running for State Treasurer in 2014, let us hope Mike Wilson will run again for State Rep in the 28th and win with the support of all Liberty Organizations in South West Ohio! What a huge contribution to the cause of Liberty he has already made!

Charlie Winburn:

Well known on Cincinnati City Council for his commitment to financially conservative policies, balanced budgets and making sure every dollar the city spends is in the best interest of the citizens of Cincinnati. 

Charlie Winburn opposed the Street Car and the Leasing of Parking meters and facilities.  Last session he worked with Christopher Smitherman  and their sage advice on financial matters and policy were ignored.  This coming year Councilman Winburn will collaborate with a larger coalition of prudent new council members and the benefit will be a much better run city.

Pete Wittie:

Opponents of the city parking-lease plan, Wittie organized the petition witch helped place this important issue on the November ballot.